Couple & Family Therapy

Amanda has worked with couples and families over the years and has developed a strong interest in this area. Her training as a counsellor and psychotherapist was predominantly based on a systems focus. Systems theory looks at how the family of origin interpersonal patterns over generations and current relationships influence people's beliefs, interaction patterns, and emotional well-being. 


As part of her ongoing professional development, Amanda decided to further develop her systems training by completing a Masters of Family Therapy. She is currently in her final year.


A requirement of her course is to engage in supervised practice with couples and families over the year.

Therefore, Amanda is looking to work with Couples or Family Clients that are willing to engage in the Masters Program. This will involve the following:

  • All sessions are recorded - video and audio

  • The sessions will be viewed by a Clinical Supervision group of Masters students and two Clinical Supervisors. The Masters students are all qualified and experienced Psychologists, Social Workers, or Counsellors

  • The Clinical Supervision group will watch and reflect on the session. This will be recorded and made available to the couple/family. The purpose of the reflection is for couples and families to receive feedback from the supervisory group which will offer different perspectives

  • All recordings will be held securely and treated confidentially and deleted at the end of the Masters program

  • The couple or family agrees to attend a minimum of 4 sessions.

Amanda currently has a small number of places available.

To register your interest in attending Couples or Family therapy please submit the below form.

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