Cancellation Policy


Authentic Psychology (Business) is committed to providing exceptional service in a timely manner; however, when a client cancels their appointment or miss their appointment without giving sufficient notice, it prevents another client from obtaining our services and also impacts the quality of our Business’ services.

Late cancellations or reschedules are almost impossible to fill. Even on the rare occasion when the Business is able to fill them, administrative costs are incurred by calling clients on a wait-list.  All the Business’ fixed costs, such as rent, reception, support services, etc., still have to be paid and the psychologist receives no income for the time they have set aside for the client.

Late cancellations and no-shows seriously impact the financial viability of the Business. This ultimately drives up the fees charged to all clients, to ensure bills and staff can be paid. Furthermore, other people who may have taken the appointment if they were given enough notice, miss out on the opportunity to receive the mental health support they need. 

This cancellation policy (the Policy) is in place to protect the interests of the Business, and its clients who require immediate mental health support.


Please read this Policy carefully. If you do not agree to this Policy, the Business reserves its right to not provide you with its services.

All the appointments for the services are made subject this Policy. You acknowledge and agree that by making an appointment you accept this Policy and are bound by it.

Cancellation Fee

The client acknowledges and agrees that a cancellation fee (the Cancellation Fee) will be charged to the credit card used to pay for the client’s initial session. The fee charged for the Cancellation Fee is outlined below. Credit card information is stored by Stripe Inc. and is not in the Business’ systems. At no point will the Business be able to view or obtain plain text card numbers from Stripe Inc. The client can read more about Stripe's security at, and by engaging the Business to provide the services, you agree to be bound by Stripe Inc.’s terms and conditions, and agree that you will be liable to the Business for the Cancellation Fee. You allow Stripe Inc. to direct debit your credit card for the Cancellation Fee. The client paying by credit card for the services offered by the Business agrees to waive all chargeback rights.

To avoid being charged a Cancellation Fee, notification of cancellation or requests to reschedule must be provided as follows:

Where your appointment follows a weekend or public holiday, cancellations and reschedules must be completed prior to 9.30am on the previous business day. Cancellation Fees will be charged to the card you provided to us unless you have paid upfront.

Please note: The deposit made when booking your first appointment will only be refunded if a request for a refund is made up to 48 hours after making the payment. If you reschedule your appointment and have provided at least 48 business hours notice, your deposit will be applied to the rescheduled appointment.

Notice of the Charges

The Business will make reasonable endeavours to inform the client if any Cancellation Fee is charged to the client’s credit card.

The client must inform the Business, at the earliest, of any unforeseeable circumstances, such as hardships, illnesses, family emergencies, etc., which prevented them from attending, rescheduling, or cancelling their appointment. The Business reserves its right to review these requests, ask for more information and return the Cancellation Fee to the client at the Business’ sole discretion.


Cancellation/Rescheduling Notice

Notification of a cancellation or request to reschedule should be made by either calling the Business on 02 9531 1513 or sending an email to If the client is calling the Business after business hours, they can leave a message cancelling or rescheduling their appointment by providing their details, such as their full name and telephone number, and the details of their appointment, such as the date and time, along with the reason to cancel their appointment.

Recovery of Cancellation Fee

If a Cancellation Fee is charged under this Policy and the client does not pay the fee, the Business reserves a right to refuse services to the client. The Business also reserves a right to take further necessary and reasonable actions, including legal actions or engaging a third-party debt collection service, to recover any unpaid Cancellation Fee and the client agrees to be liable for those costs incurred by the Business in recovering the Cancellation Fee.